Chenango Brokers: Leading the Charge in Personalized Insurance Services

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Chenango Brokers: Leading the Charge in Personalized Insurance Services

Hancock, NY, June 28, 2023 – As several major insurance companies are retreating from local markets, Chenango Brokers is proudly stepping forward to fill the void. We are committed to providing comprehensive, affordable, and personalized insurance services, putting the needs of our customers first in a way that big box insurers have not.

“I think commercial auto is in crisis nationally. While other insurers are scaling back their commitment, we are ramping up ours,” says John Mason, CEO of Chenango Brokers. “Our mission is to be a reliable partner for our customers, focusing on personalized service rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that the exit of these big insurers can be disruptive, and we’re here to assure our customers that their coverage and peace of mind are our top priorities.”

In light of recent market shifts, we at Chenango Brokers would like to affirm our unwavering dedication to supporting local insurance agencies and their agents around the country (especially in CA, FL, LA, NJ and NY), particularly in the commercial auto sector. As other providers withdraw, we stand resolute in our mission to offer robust, flexible commercial auto insurance policies that meet the diverse needs of your clients. Whether you’re dealing with a small local business operating a single van or a larger enterprise with a fleet of vehicles, we have adaptable policies that provide comprehensive coverage for a myriad of operational scenarios. Our team is ready and eager to work with you, our valued partners, to ensure your clients receive the superior protection they need in these uncertain times. 

To provide the best service, we’re launching a series of new initiatives:

  1. We’re increasing our local presence and growing our experienced staff members to meet and exceed the service levels that our customers deserve.
  2. We’re enhancing our digital presence, with a focus on making our insurance services more accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly.
  3. We’re expanding our product portfolio to include regional carriers and offer flexible and affordable coverage options tailored to individual needs.

Chenango Brokers is also putting a major focus on education. We believe that the more our customers understand about insurance, the better they can make the right decisions for their unique needs. 

Our company’s commitment extends beyond our services. We are actively encouraging customer reviews and testimonials to ensure we are transparent about our customers’ experiences. We also have a rewarding referral program as a way to thank our loyal customers for their trust and endorsement.

We are more than just an insurance wholesaler – we are your partners in protection. Chenango Brokers is ready to step in, fill the gaps, and ensure your clients are covered. When big box insurers are leaving you high and dry, we’re here to provide a lifeline.

For more information about our commitment to serving your insurance needs, please visit our website at or contact us at (347) 269-1645.

About Chenango Brokers

Chenango Brokers is a leading insurance brokerage dedicated to providing comprehensive, tailored insurance solutions. We believe in putting our brokers at the heart of everything we do, offering personalized service, and stepping up when others step down.

Media Contact: Jamie Deapo, Agency Relations Manager | | (347) 269-1645

Read the official press release!

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