Solving the Delivery & COVID Dilemma for Your Restaurant Clients with Admitted Non-Owned Auto Coverage

Let’s face it, your independently owned restaurant clients are getting hit really hard in the pandemic.  Depending on the state, they might only be allowed to serve takeout, or if they’re fortunate enough to be open-to-the-public, at a very limited capacity.

Worse, their patrons are being told to stay home during a long dark winter as the pandemic rages.   Unless you’re fortunate enough to be in the warmer part of the country, outside dining will not be an option for months.

Remember those days, early in your agency’s life, when you had to watch every penny that went 

out, and would probably have written anything to feed your family? Restauranteurs have been suffering this for months.

Restaurant Pic

Count your blessings.  We, as insurance agents, have for the most part not suffered too much in the financial devastation our clients – and friends – struggling to stay afloat in the restaurant industry have felt since the pandemic began.

Here’s how you can help your restaurant-owner clients, and ultimately everyone who depends on that restaurant to live:

At last, an AM Best A+ national carrier has begun offering:

  • Admitted Employers Non-Owned Coverage for Restaurants in the Appetite!

What an opportune time to help your restaurants increase sales through alternate delivery options.  No need to buy expensive non-admitted monoline coverage!  Our amazing carrier LOVES restaurants from delis and pizzerias to (what used to be) fine dining. (Whoever woulda thunk fine dining would be eaten on the couch watching Jeopardy in 2021?)

This market will now consider:

  • Establishments with any amount of delivery exposure (by employees and/or outside delivery services such as Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc.) when Non-Owned Auto Liability is NOT on the policy.
  • Establishments with employee delivery exposure up to 30% of annual sales when Non-Owned Auto Liability IS on the policy.

Don’t ignore this recipe for a dash of help and pinch of hope for better days for your restaurant clients.  This is truly a way you can advocate to help your restaurant clients increase their sales as well a protecting them.  Trust me, they’ll thank you for it.

For more information on this and other markets for commercial BOPs, Workers Compensation Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, and even personal lines, Contact Chenango Brokers, LLC by phone at 800-403-3738 or you can text us at 607-246-7277

Chenango Brokers is licensed to do business in 27 states. Not all markets are available in all states. For more information on markets and what states we can write in, feel free to email our Agency Relations Manager, Jamie Deapo or check our map online for more details on market availability.

Chenango Team
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