If Tighter Underwriting, Skyrocketing Prices and Intense Competition Threaten Your Agency, Read this NOW!

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Breaking News for Insurance Agents:

Agents Cheer While Other Markets Cry “Foul” as Unique Rebel Wholesaler Delivers Top-Rated Carriers To Agents Choked By Hardening P&C Market. . . 

Insurance agents, just like you, across the country are scrambling to deliver better value to their clients as carriers rocked by a changing marketplace tighten underwriting appetites and raise rates. Other companies are getting out of certain lines of business.  Some have had downgrades.  Terminations. New exclusions. Conditional renewals. Non-renewals.  

It’s a rat race.

Then there’s the job of re-shopping accounts.  Back and forth. Waiting for underwriters.  Send it in.  More waiting.   “What do you mean this is three times last year’s price?”  

You know the drill!

But I have great news for you!  At last, a very    long-established New York market has expanded into over 23 states and wants to do business with YOU.   

Here’s what you’ll get!

  • Same day, and often same hour, turnaround on small commercial quotes.
  • Direct-bill commissions paid fast.
  • Top-Rated carriers, some that most other wholesalers cannot access
  • Direct-bill with low down payment is available on most products
  • Optional in-house rating and/or binding with some carriers
  • Book-roll opportunities
  • Access to carriers that many agents PAY other wholesalers to access, for FREE.  At Chenango, you pay, NO astronomical signup fee, NO exorbitant monthly fee, NO exit clause built like The Hotel California, and YOU own your book of business. And, we put that all in writing, and sign it, in our brokerage agreement.

If, like most agencies, you’re in this business to protect your clients with rock-solid protection from top-rated, primarily admitted, insurance companies you can count on, and be able to put MORE MONEY in your pocket than you’ll earn with other wholesalers, and sometimes companies, pick up the phone and call me right now.  I’ve got the secrets, and I want to share them with YOU now!


Jamie Deapo
Agency Relations Manager
Chenango Brokers, LLC

Jamie Deapo Bio

I have almost a half of century of experience (started in 1972 with Royal Insurance)! Over those many years I am very thankful for the significant numbers of people I have met, worked with and gone on to become my friends, especially in my home state of New York where those numbers are significant.

I have held positions in underwriting and marketing for insurance carriers. I was an independent agent in Central NY for almost 20 years and most recently retired after 20+ years with Big I New York working in their membership area concentrating on agent operations and success.

I joined John Mason’s team as Agency Relations Manager because I get great satisfaction and joy in helping agents and brokers to be successful in operating and growing their agency. I have always believed there is plenty of business out there for everyone and it is available for those agents and brokers who will work hard to write it.

I believe insurance agents and brokers have a very important role in the world. Just like a doctor works with their patient to keep them healthy and to cure them when they are sick I believe a professional insurance agent or broker works with their clients to keep them financially healthy and secure in their personal and business life and helps them to recover from losses that put them, their family or their business at risk.

Chenango Team
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