Meet Patricia (Trish) Cummings: The Commercial Lines Virtuoso of Chenango Brokers LLC

In the intricate world of insurance underwriting, Patricia “Trish” Cummings is a beacon of knowledge and innovation at Chenango Brokers LLC, a leading insurance wholesaler. Trish’s dedication and acumen have been instrumental in structuring robust commercial lines policies, fortifying Chenango’s footprint in the competitive insurance brokerage industry.

Trish embarked on her journey in the insurance sector as a Risk Manager at Donna M. Lavigne Agency, where her insights and meticulous approach shaped risk assessment strategies for over a decade. Her transition to an Associate Agent at Bob Putnam Agency marked a new chapter, honing her proficiency in policy formulation and client engagement.

As an Underwriter at Chenango Brokers, Trish’s primary forte lies in quoting and placing new commercial lines business. Her rich background and NYS P&C license, obtained in April 2009, have empowered her to drive the creation of diverse insurance solutions, ensuring a seamless alignment with client needs and industry standards.

Trish’s passion for commercial lines quoting goes beyond the conventional realms of underwriting. Every quote is a new learning curve, a novel exploration into the multifaceted domains of insurance products. This relentless pursuit of knowledge has been a catalyst in her personal and professional growth, enabling her to contribute significantly to the expansion of Chenango’s commercial lines policies.

Away from the intricacies of insurance policies, Trish is a devoted mother of three and a loving wife. The great outdoors is her family’s haven, with camping and a plethora of outdoor activities interweaving into their lives, bringing moments of joy and togetherness.

Trish’s journey is a blend of professional excellence and personal fulfillment, reflecting Chenango Brokers’ commitment to delivering unparalleled insurance solutions in the market. Her vision is intertwined with the continuous evolution of Chenango Brokers LLC, standing as a testament to its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation in the world of insurance wholesaling.

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