Meet Dulcie Santamaria: The Heart of New Business Underwriting at Chenango Brokers LLC

In the evolving world of insurance brokerage, Dulcie “Dulcie” Santamaria stands out as a New Business Underwriter at Chenango Brokers LLC, specializing in pioneering insurance solutions in both personal and commercial lines. Her profound knowledge, backed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a P & C License, makes her a key figure in enhancing the competitive edge of Chenango in the insurance wholesaler landscape.

Dulcie’s role is integral to shaping Chenango’s innovative insurance products, seamlessly transitioning between quoting and binding new business, handling agency bill renewals, and meticulous data entry of new business. Her precision in setting up new brokers in all management systems has streamlined the operational efficacy of Chenango Brokers, positioning it as a reliable insurance wholesaler offering a range of robust insurance products.

Her commitment to fostering collaborative professional relationships is a testament to her role in building synergies between co-workers, brokers, and company underwriters. Dulcie is synonymous with reliability and knowledge within the independent insurance agents network, making her a go-to person for insights and support.

When she’s not immersed in enhancing insurance product portfolios, Dulcie is an avid reader and a golf enthusiast, exploring the intricate textures of life and leisure. She enjoys discovering new breweries and wineries and experiencing the vibrant local music scene with her husband. Each of these interests adds a refreshing dimension to her life, intertwining with her professional pursuits in the competitive insurance brokerage market.

Dulcie’s world is enriched with the joys of family, her two sons bringing pride and fulfillment to her days, and BamBam, the family bulldog, adding a touch of delightful companionship.

Dulcie Santamaria is not just an underwriter; she’s a devoted mother, a connoisseur of life’s finer moments, and a pivotal asset to Chenango Brokers LLC. Her multifaceted journey paints the broader picture of Chenango’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and competitive insurance solutions, reinforcing its stance as a leading insurance wholesaler in the market.

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