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Welcome to Chenango Brokers, your gateway to unparalleled wholesale insurance brokerage services. We specialize in connecting you with comprehensive coverage options tailored to meet your unique needs. Our dedication to excellence and innovation positions us as a leader in the wholesale insurance industry, supported by our knowledgeable team and cutting-edge tools like the Semsee rater.

We are your go-to partner for accessing additional markets and expanding your business.

For over 30 years, Chenango Brokers has been providing insurance agents with the market access they need to assist their clients and prospects in getting the protection they need at an affordable premium.

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Revolutionizing Insurance with Semsee Rater

Semsee offers a range of benefits aimed at simplifying the process of obtaining commercial insurance quotes. Their platform is designed to save time for independent insurance agents by aggregating multiple carrier questions into a single, smart form that auto-fills answers and integrates real-time carrier risk appetite. This approach minimizes redundant data entry and ensures that agents can submit to multiple carriers simultaneously, receiving quotes directly on the platform while also creating records in carrier portals​.

Intuitive and Efficient Quoting

A significant advantage of using Semsee’s platform is its commercial insurance rater, which allows agents to compare and evaluate various insurance policies quickly. This tool helps agents find the right policy for their clients by generating a list of suitable options based on entered criteria, highlighting key information like premiums, deductibles, and coverage limits. It streamlines the search process, saving agents considerable time and effort, and helps ensure clients receive the best possible coverage at competitive rates. Additionally, it aids in expanding an agent’s market knowledge and staying current with industry developments​​.

Furthermore, Semsee’s comparative rater offers distinct benefits, such as eliminating the manual comparison of policies, uncovering potential discounts, and keeping users informed about industry trends and regulations. This ensures businesses are always equipped with the most accurate rates and up-to-date information.

Unmatched Market Access

With Semsee, gain access to a broad spectrum of carriers. Our platform’s Class Code Finder, Auto-Fill features, and the ability to compare multiple quotes simultaneously revolutionize how agents secure the best coverage for their clients.

Enhancing Agent Efficiency and Profitability

By leveraging Semsee’s comparative rater, agents enjoy a significant reduction in manual searches, an increase in potential discounts, and staying ahead with industry trends. This efficiency not only elevates the customer experience but also boosts sales and profitability.

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Discover how partnering with Chenango Brokers can transform your business. Our blend of experienced personnel and innovative tools like the Semsee rater and others equips you with everything needed to thrive in today’s competitive insurance market.

Our Expert Team

Trish Cummings - Pioneering Insurance Expertise

With decades of experience, Trish Cummings leads with a commitment to personalized solutions and industry excellence. Her vision shapes our approach to offering superior insurance products.

Dulcie Santamaria - Excellence in Client Relations

Dulcie’s unparalleled expertise in client services ensures that every interaction with Chenango Brokers exceeds expectations, fostering lasting partnerships.

Alle Coe - Innovative Insurance Solutions

Alle brings a fresh perspective to insurance solutions, continuously exploring innovative ways to serve our clients better and secure the most competitive rates.

Jamie Deapo - Strategic Business Insights

Jamie’s strategic insights into the insurance marketplace enable us to navigate challenges and opportunities effectively, ensuring the best outcomes for our clients.

John Mason - Technical Insurance Wizard & Fearless Leader

John’s deep understanding of insurance technologies, like the Semsee rater, allows us to offer cutting-edge solutions that streamline the insurance process

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