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Dawn – Underwriter
Direct: 347-821-3215
Toll-Free: 800-403-3738 x102

Miranda – Underwriter
Direct: 347-821-3221
Toll-Free: 800-403-3738 x103

Dulcie – Underwriter
Direct: 347-821-3225
Toll-Free: 800-403-3738 x104

Alle – Underwriter & Certificates
Direct: 347-821-3216
Toll-Free: 800-403-3738 x107


Joann – Customer Service
Direct: 347-821-3228
Toll-Free: 800-403-3738 x105

Kylee - Customer Service
Direct: 347-821-3244
Toll-Free: 800-403-3738 x113

Krissy – Document Filing
Direct: 347-821-3206
Toll-Free: 800-403-3738 x114

Office Manager

Robin Bartholomew
Direct: 347-821-3249
Toll-Free: 800-403-3738 x101

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Thank you for visiting Chenango Brokers LLC. At Chenango Brokers, we strive to provide our agents with the products necessary to protect their business and personal insurance clients with quality products and affordable pricing. Our office is in the village of Hancock which is located in upstate New York. We are licensed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Maryland. Chenango Brokers offers a variety of insurances including (but not limited to):


Business Owners policies, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, Restaurants, Contractors, Property Owners, Taverns, Garages, Rental Properties

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New Business

Homeowners (1-4 family), Secondary homes, seasonal homes, rental properties, umbrellas, personal umbrellas, personal automobile (standard and preferred)

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Please contact our office if you need more information about our services. If you are a broker and need access to our resources you should find everything you need on this site. Our President, John Mason, looks forward to working with you.

Why Choose
Chenango Brokers

  1. 1Chenango strives to deliver quotes to our producers in 37 minutes or less on products we can quote in-house based on a fully-completed application on the first submission.
  2. 2Unlike some other wholesale brokers, we don’t make our producers wait to be paid THEIR commissions. All direct bill commissions are paid to the retail producer on the first Friday of the month after Chenango receives it.
  3. 3Chenango strives to use regional carriers who understand the marketplace where the risk is located, and Chenango represents many carriers not traditionally found in the wholesale marketplace.


“When a prospective client needs a quote as soon as possible, I know I can count on Dawn. Her quick responses and excellent service make working with her a great experience.”

—Ana Restrepo, Don Dutton Agency LLC, North Brunswick

“Dawn is great! She always helps me with all of my crazy questions. When I send her a quote I get it back in a few minutes.”

—Angela, Dalleo Group Inc. Nationwide, New Windsor

“Dawn is always very helpful when I call or email her. Even when I forget to attach forms and send three emails to her.”

—Audrey Davies, Bianchi Agency, Solvay

“I was ready to walk away from commercial risk 15 years ago, then Chenango and many millions of dollars in premium later, I sure am glad John Mason and Dawn came to the rescue.”

—Steve Donigan, Steve Donigan Agency, Syracuse

“Dawn is a rock!! Whenever I call regarding concerns or coverage questions, I can depend on her knowledge of what company will meet our client needs.”

—D. Edward, Auto Insure, Syracuse

“Dawn was very helpful and got the quotes I requested back very quickly. Within the hour of the last question answered. Very quick in comparison to other brokerages.”

—Melissa Reed, Belfield Agency, Mohawk

“As always, Dawn was awesome. Her professionalism, knowledge and marketing skills, make this business fun to work in.”

—Edmund Besch, Bristol Burgess, Westfield

“I am always happy with the work of Chenango Office. Dawn has always provided great service along with positive attitude. Fast quotation is what makes Chenango a great company.”

—Anna Kapynha, Integrity Cov, Brooklyn

“The response time and ability to assist has been excellent! A lot of our contractor customers are very last minute and therefore make our requests to you all very last minute. This has not been an issue!”

—Tara Pezze, Empire Region, Albany

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